Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 th anniversary

Wow! It sure has been a long time since I blogged.

Today is Ed & mine anniversary.....7 years.  He is still my love, companion & best friend. I love him more with each passing day, challenge, milestone & joy. Marriage takes hard work but the pay off is abundant especially now with children. Though we may never agree on some things we do see the value in us & how it makes our children secure and confident. Love you Ed❤

I did pack our day of family fun. First thing this morning we set out to plant a few items in the garden (peas, onions, kale, broccoli). Ed had to till,meanwhile the kids & i picked up rocks that we are going to paint & label as our markers. Then the tiller broke so we decided to clean up & head to Red Lobster . Yummy! Once home the kids napped & we headed out to garden. He had some done so I began planting. Mind you I am not a green thumb & have not attempted to plant so much as I am this year! I started with broccoli then moved to the onions when I realized my rows were way to close. So... I had to dig out a row of onions. As Ed pointed out at least it wasn't the peas 😊

Once the kids were up & ate a little bite they went to their 1st swimming class at YMCA.  They did great since it's been months since we took lessons. We came home & played outside while Ed & I got things ready for our 1st campfire of 2013. We cooked hotdogs & smores, campfire essentials! The kids got to use their lanterns they got from Easter Bunny.

It was an awesome & exhausting day. Think I will make it lighter next year!

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