Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Mommy Milestone!

Okay, some of you viewing this may think this milestone is well overdue, but I am proud that I have completed it without any hiccups.
Last night I went to a Mary Kay meeting (I'm a consultant, if anyone has skin and needs me I am available).  It started at 7pm and if you know my schedule we do baths at 6:30pm and have the kids in bed at 7:30 or 8pm.  This did not allow me to do my routine.  I had to give up the evening to my husband and hope he soared with success.  Not that I doubt my husband, but keep in mind that Ava has never had anyone but me put her to bed.  Blake has had a few days with someone else putting him to bed so I knew he would be okay for Daddy.  I had reservations about going away, but if I was going to do this I needed Ed to be the one at home. 
In the end everyone survived and nothing major happened, which gave me great peace of mind.  It was a positive thing for all of us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Day was pretty simple this year.  This is for two reasons 1. The kids don't really understand the day or why they are getting something special and 2. We have all been battling colds and just not up to par these days.  But it is a special day to show your loved ones that you really love them so the kids opened cards from their Great Grandparents and Grandparents this morning.  Mommy and Daddy had a little bag of goodies for each of them too.  Their goody bags had a Valentine Day book for each, heart ring pops (Ava's favorite), kisses & hugs, and candy hearts.  It's funny because Blake has noticed that the hearts have words on them and asks me what they say.  For lunch Mommy made heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and heart shaped brownies...okay we have had enough sugar to last a lifetime!!!!!  We did go outside this morning in the soft, gooey ground, just to get fresh air.  Plus Daddy gave the kids a thrilling ride on the four wheeler.  Dinner will consist of heart shaped pancakes:)  Let's just say after today my kids should know their heart shape!  What a learning tool.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just the four of us on Feb. 1st

She is just like her Daddy, a messy eater:)

Today Mommy, Daddy and Blake celebrated Ava.  This is her birthday and we started the morning with song and breakfast.  Grandmother and Pappy Dukehart called and sang too.  We then opened presents and played with the gifts.  Play doh cake maker, Snap n Style dog and doll is what Ava got from us.  We then traveled outside because it is about 65 degrees!  Daddy gave the birthday girl (and her brother) a tractor ride and four wheeler ride.  Then we had pizza, cake and ice cream!  It was a great morning to celebrate Ava.

Party Time

Sunday, January 29th we celebrated Ava's birthday with the family.  She had a Hello Kitty themed party.  Happy Pappy, Grand Mary, Pap D., Grandmother, Pappy W., Grandma, Uncle Brad, Aunt Suz, Lauren, Breanna, Ashley, Brady, Aunt Sheila, Uncle Rodney, Shaun, Aunt Holly, Uncle Steve, Kate and Ellie all attended our party.  We had a dinner, cake, ice cream and presents.  Ava was so excited when Grandmother brought in the birthday balloons and continued to be excited when we had cake and then presents.  When we sang to her she blew the candle out before the end of the song and she was soooo proud of herself.  She seem to be saying, "Look mom, I knew what to do...blow out the candle".  She received so many nice gifts that we are having a blast playing with.  Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate this sweet and precious baby girl of ours.
Ava wanted to sit with "big girls" at the table and not in her highchair!

Kate and Ava at cake time.

She is so proud of herself!

Cute outfit!

She loves her tiny babies.

Minnie Mouse trike from Pappy and Grandmother!  Can you see Blake thinks this is cool too?


We thought this was adorable, Blake giving Ava a ride in the back!!!

Two years ago!

My precious baby girl, Ava, was born 2 short years ago at 2:13am.  She was 19 inches in length and 6lbs.  Her Daddy, Ed, and I are so abundantly proud of her and  blessed to be her parents.  I remember desperately wanting to go into labor on the weekend so that Ed would be home and not working.  God answered that prayer.  We got to the hospital a little after 10pm on Sunday night and she came into our world 4 hours later.  The memory I will cherish about her birth is the first night after she was born we (Ed, Ava &I) stayed up late (2:30am) and watched the snowfall out our window as a family and we just reflected in the beauty of the night.  I had Ava in my arms and my husband by my side and I thought "Life is sweet".  We had a lot of snow that week, including a blizzard of 12+ feet of snow 4 days after she was born.  It was nice being snowed in as a family of four.
Now that Ava is two, she is spunky and full of smiles.  She loves to chat, sing songs, and dance.  Her vocabulary is impressive and she is willing to try new things.  She is a great eater...willing to try almost anything.  She loves her big brother and wants to do everything that he can do. 
Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl.  I love you and am proud of you.