Monday, September 5, 2011


As I hold my breathe and write that "BLAKE IS POTTY TRAINED"!  Music to any mother's ears.  As I posted previously "Up to my ears in poop" we had a rough two weeks of Blake not feeling well and having a sore bum due to diarrhea.  This pushed us into potty training and he has been a pro.  Yes, we have had a few accidents, but it's all new and he just got over being sick and still had some diarrhea.  I certainly will cut him a lot of slack.  At first I had to tell him to go to the potty or constantly ask if he had to go.  Now in only one week he tells us when he has to go.  Now we aren't potty trained through nap or bedtime, but that will come with time.  There are a lot reasons I believe this went smooth:  1. He cried b/c his bum hurt and didn't want that to happen again.  2. We went without diapers or underwear for a few days.  3.  We had no outside pressure.  4. I am a stay home mom and it has allowed me to take my time.  I figure as long as he's potty trained before school we are fine:) 
Way to go Blake!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!  Blake earned a fishing rod (thanks Uncle Brad) and to break it in we took the family to the lake and tested out the rod on the boat.

Days at the Park

The other week my parents were on vacation so we were in charge of watering their flowers and small garden.  I took the kids up on a Wednesday only to find out that Holly was doing the same thing at her parent's house which happens to be next door.  After our watering (my kids were soaked...Pappy get a new hose please) we met Holly, Kate and Ellie at the park for lunch.  The kids had a great time eating and playing.  This park is nice because of all the shade around it.  We were also excited because the children's train was running and we were able to get a ride.  We had a blast! 

We also made a sign for Grandmother and Pappy:

First Day of School!

The little girl's mother should have combed her hair!

What good students sitting and paying attention!

Everyone loves to be the helper and put something on the board.

Blake is pointing to my yellow hat and Tad must think circle time is interesting too.

Today we began our first day of school in our house!  Yes, I know it is a national holiday, but I am just so excited to get back into teaching.  The benefit is I have no paper work, parents to deal with or meetings.  This is what I love to do, TEACH!  All of the "Back to School" ads and talk got me to think two things 1. I am dreading the day my little ones start school, mostly because I won't get as much of their time (selfish I know, but I will be praying for snow days again, this time so I can spend the day with my kids) and 2. I am excited to teach again.  I love planning things out and organizing, it just makes me feel happy and accomplished.  This might seem crazy to a lot of people, but if you knew my mom you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Today's lesson is on the color "Yellow".  Thank goodness I could wear a yellow hat (Ava had her teacher up until 3am so I needed a hat today).  Not that these are flattering pictures of me, I am embarrassed to post them, but I wanted to capture our school in progress, which we call "circle time".  My students came well prepared, dressed in yellow and even had yellow objects in their backpacks (thanks to their Mom).  We did calendar, weather, reading, songs, played "I Spy something Yellow", and even practiced walking/marching in a line (I had to pick up my students from the living room and thought we need practice following in a line).  All in all it was a successful first day and I am sure you are dying to know what we do tomorrow for the color yellow!

Good Morning, Morning Glories!

I don't have a lot of flowers around my house, but I do have these beautiful Morning Glories that greet me every morning.  Before I got married my students had a bridal shower for me and it was a garden theme.  I always envy the house with the beautiful landscape, but that take time and money something I seem to lack right now.  Anyway I had a couple of packets of Morning Glory seeds that I planted around the deck.  Not being a green thumb I didn't realize I picked the perfect place b/c they are climbers and spread across the lattice below the deck and climb the railing around the deck.  After 5 years they have spread the entire way around the deck and provide privacy (in case I decide to sunbathe) and beauty.  I only wish they stayed open all the time.