Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Struggles with Sugar!

Okay ladies...as you know I have been really trying to "get healthy" and have taken you along with me on my journey.  In the last week or so I have been struggling with my craving of sugar and at bedtime I want to eat (Ed at work, kids in bed, peaceful at our house).  It got even worse last week with my period.  I emailed Cathy begging for a solution.  Here is her advice:

When my period begins or right before it our female bodies need/crave minerals, like calcium, but for me who has a "yeast" issue my body focuses on sugar which is feeding my yeast problem.  Her solution is 1 scoop of super seed (powder that I have, which is a source of fiber), 1/2 scoop perfect food (another powder) mixed in my water.  Now she warned me it doesn't taste good so take in two big gulps, pleasant I know.  She is trying to give me an easy fix that has the most impact.  So I can do this before and during my period when I have huge sugar craving.  Yes, that means a lot of these drinks for me! 

She told me that before she exercises she will mix unsweetened cranberry juice or unsweetened black current juice, water (1/2 water, 1/2 juice), 1 scoop super seed, 1/2 scoop perfect food, and couple of drops of Stevia.  She said this actually tastes good and the juices have great benefits too.  She said I could do this at night when I have my biggest issue of eating food, before exercising too.  She said it makes you feel full (fiber of super seed) and gives you stamina for exercising and helps aid muscles.

Another tip she said is to eat green apples, almond butter and grapefruit.  These are things that will help with my yeast issue b/c these are "bitter" foods which is the opposite of my craving, but needs to be "awaken" in me.

This tip she said Not to Abuse:  2tbsp of Brags Brown Apple Vinegar (looks cloudy not clear) in a glass of water.  She said drink this before eating "brownies" and I won't want a brownie or if I already eat a brownie, drink this after.  She stressed not to abuse or I will have a body full of vinegar!

She also recommends that I get the book (which I have, if anyone wants to borrow) Knives over Forks.  Great ways to bake for my family that are delicious and nutritious.  Another tip was to watch her on utube the segment called "healthy holidays".

To leave you on a good note I have lost another 2lbs.  Now let me set the scene for you, it is first thing in the morning and I have no clothes on:)  The total lost since August 2012 is 11 lbs.  Ideally I would like to lose another 4 lbs this month, but I am not banking on that to happen, but I am still on track to lose 30lbs by November 30th, which is my long term goal for now.  I have also been very good at water intake, taking probiotics and exercising at least 2hrs a week.  My means of exercise is walking, jogging, running on treadmill.  I range from 3.5-6.0 in pace and go about 3 miles...that is according to my ipod.  I exercise during my kids nap time (1:30-2:30 range).  I do 2 workouts on my treadmill each being around 15 minutes.