Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lauren's challenge,

Okay Miss Lauren, you know how I love a challenge so here goes your request.
11 Things about Little O'l Me

1. I am a wife, a mother and daughter of God! I even have a shirt that says,"Super Wife,Super Mom,Super Tired" and yes, that about sums it up! And yes that is 3 things about me so if I get to number 9 and run out of info. I will point you back to this statement.
2. I taught 3rd grade for 9 yrs and 3 mths before my "real job" employeed me as a stay at home mom.
3. I Love Being Home with my Sweeties! Best decision ever and toughest. Sue, my sister in law, once told me I can always find a job, but can never get back time. Of course at the time I didn't "like" my employer so it helped my decision.  Maybe that was God helping me,huh.
4. I have many amazing girlfriends that have gotten me through my life! Feel blessed that I have always been able to talk openly about anything and am never judged and they always make me feel normal and not alone!
5. I have been on a health kick since my daughter had seizures and no one can explain them. I am trying very hard to lose weight and be healthy. Also very conscience what I say about my body and focus on saying "this is great for our hearts or brains or....."
6.  My husband is my rock and foundation and best friend! I never want to go through life without him. Yes we have our moments, but when the chips are down he has my back. I love him more each year and trial we go through.
7. I love music, stink at singing, love to dance and am grateful my daughter loves dancing, although often tells me to stop.
8. I love to read, when given opportunity and books that have nothing to do with parenting! Just joined my first book club, which is exciting.
9. I love the beach and hope to make lots of memories there with my family. Give me the sun, sand, ocean and a pool that spells heaven to me!
10. I like to scrapbook and be creative, but also competitive and like a challenge.
11. Huh, did better than I thought talking about myself! My family, last but not least, means the world to me. I can depend on them rthrough thick and thin! I am blessed by my family and my side and my husband's LARGE family.  Sometimes I wonder why God blessed me so much here on Earth.

What is my wildest fantasy?
Haha, we'll I am simple so I would love a beach house that we could enjoy and that means all of my family. Of course no debt is another practical fantasy!

What is my weirdest dream?
One year at the beach, my friend Holly and I were sleeping and I jolted upright because I thought I was falling. Funny thing is that it was off a curb, high I know! Kicker is that I was dreaming that I had mashed potatoes in my pockets! Don't know what I ate that night!

How good of a cook are you?
Well, I am okay. I have a lot of practice now that I am home and prepare about 98 percent of our meals. Luckily my husband is not picky!

What is your biggest turnoff?
People that are disrespectful! I believe in the Golden Rule!

What is one thing not a lot of people know about you?
Huh, I am not sure about this one...

How is the last person I hugged and why? What do they mean to you?
I just kissed my husband before he left for work and I think you know how I feel about that guy. I also kissed and held my kids this morning, it's our thing to snuggle in the morning watch a show. They are my world and greatest achievement.

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
I wish sleeping since it is 8:30am right now! Getting breakfast ready.

Would you go back in time or into the future? Why and what moment would you go to?
I would go to the future and see who my kids would marry! I am already praying that they marry people of God!

What is your favorite movie and why?
The Notebook because I love a good romance!

Are you afraid of any animal? Why?
Well if threatened by one like a grizzly bear, YES. I hate bugs, spiders, bees and thousand leggers!

Why did I start this blog?
To create a book for our kids of our lives!

Thanks Lauren for this long challenge! I did not proofread, sorry for any grammatical errors!


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