Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More notes on Nutrition

Well, last week was not that great!  I was great til...Monday, meaning on track lost some weight (14 lbs total), but by Wednesday I started eating terrible and not even thinking about what I was eating and to make it worse I was not exercising!  I had been running 2-2 1//2 hours a week but only managed 1hour and 45 minutes which is not bad except along with poor eating this is not a good combination.  Then on Sunday it hit me that this week I should get my period.  I realized that I have a hard time staying away from sugar the week before my period.  I decided Monday I would buckle down eat well and exercise for an hour, which I did, yay for me.  Today, Tuesday, I ran for 30 minutes and have been good with what I am eating.  I also got a call from Cathy and she just inspires me.  I needed to book my next appointment only to find out she is booked in November!  She is that good.  So I don't see her until Dec. 5th.  I should be happy b/c that gives me a few extra days to shed 30 lbs.  She recommended me to go online to www.myhormonology.com and chart my period.  She thinks I am very hormonally driven and I agree.  I did check this site out before writing this, but it is down right now.  I did go to another site that was posted on that page and found that I really need to chart my cycle and based on it probably not have sweets in my house the week before my period!  I also learned that I am typical, I know who would think that about me! LOL  Most women go through the same cycle and if you know what is coming you can plan around it. 
In the meantime I am looking at this week as a fresh start and pushing myself to lose 3lbs to get to the next decade of weight!

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