Monday, August 13, 2012

Our 1st family vacation!

Sandbridge Beach! Brad, Ashley, Breanna, Lauren, Blake, Ed, Ava, Brady, Pap

 We just arrived home from an AWESOME Family Vacation!  Some people may not take to going on a big family group, but we had a blast!  Our house was amazing, plenty of room to spread out and have privacy and best of all a pool that was loved by everyone day & night.  Our typical day was to spend a few hours in the morning on the beach, hit the pool, napping for Blake and Ava, pool for older ones and adults, dinner out and night swim or boardwalk at night!  Talk about Heaven on Earth:) 
What I didn't realize until we were home was the fact that we ALL needed this break from day to day routines.  Our kids are happier and we are happier, everyone is in great spirits and ready to tackle obstacles of life.
It was such a Perfect week that we felt spoiled!  A rare thing to feel when you become an adult.

A special "Thank You" to Mom and Dad Dukehart for this beautiful gift.  It will be one of our fondest family memories.  Mom I am glad this was always your dream (before Brad and I were even married) and know that it exceeded your expectations.  I feel blessed that we could do this trip with the whole family.

Bathing Beauty

Blake loved getting in the ocean!

 Brad buried in sand.  No we didn't leave him there:)

Brady buried in sand!  Cutie:)

Thank goodness the beach wasn't crowded with this bathing beauty and his attire!

Lauren, Brad, Breanna & Ed riding waves in...not a lot of waves this day!

Sara, Ava, Ed and Blake at Aquarium

All the kids at our pool!

Breanna & Grandmother at the Sweet Frog Yogurt shop!

Brad and Suzanne at Sweet Frog (FROG = Fully Rely On God)


  1. What very nice pictures! I hope we can all do this again. We had such a wonderful time.