Friday, August 31, 2012

Nutrition Blog 2

As you know from my previous blog I am in pursuit of being a healthy family, which I think will make us happy too.  I went in to see Cathy again and she is just so knowledgeable that my time with her goes by so fast and the next thing I know 2 hours has past by.  To get to the bottom line this is my progress, info that I learned and next steps.

After taking the questionnaire on I learned that my number is 112, which is extremely high in yeast.  This is what is making me crave sugar better known as my enemy.  She would like me to do a test on myself as well as my kids and cut out milk for a month and see if I notice a difference in things like irritability, stamina those sorts of things.  To do this I can cut cold turkey, but my kids have to be weaned in 10 days.  To wean them I use 1/2 sweetened vanilla almond milk and 1/2 of their whole organic milk and then go to 1/2 sweetened almond milk and 1/2 unsweetened almond milk, if I want.  And I will guess I will see a change in their behavior.  Right now I know my kids get too much sugar.  We use sweets in our house currently as a "treat" or "reward".  This is something that I really want to cut back on.  Now don't think that I won't send my kids to parties because YES they will have cake at parties and enjoy things, but in a much smaller and tolerant way then we are currently doing.

A positive note is that I have lost 5lbs.  Not a huge amount, but better than staying where I was.  My next goal is to lose, hold your breath...30lbs by November 30th!!!  Holy cow, is what I think.  Although Cathy is very optimistic about this being the "easy" part to lose the last 20lbs will be the kick butt kind.  Yes, that is right folks I have 50lbs to lose to be a healthy weight.  Another shocker is the knowledge that if I don't start eating better eventually this yeast issue will take over me and could become a cancer.  That scares me and everyone else to think about the potential.

Two tid bits I learned:  Blood type O's digest milk better, Blood type A's have a lot of difficulty digesting milk.  When you combine sugar & protein in your meal your body has a hard time digesting this combo.  Usually the effects are a feeling of tiredness.

I was sick and craved ginger ale here is the homemade recipe: Perrier (Sp?), ginger and Stevia (sweetener).

5 Pillars of what our Bodies Need:
E.F.A. (essential fatty acids)

These things I will be getting through foods and supplements.  Minerals, Fiber & EFA I will eat and the Probiotics and Enzymes are the supplements I will take.  Multi Probiotics I will take for several months, probably till Feb. or March.  We hit cold/flu season and guess what else we hit...holidays and the sugar knocks down our immune system!  EFA's are oils and omega 3's that she said are very important to have, but especially in children that have ADHD, ADD, or Aspbergers.

I will attempt to add Flax seed, which is cheap and is a natural estrogen...good to know for women hitting menopause.

Adobo is a seasoning that she recommend me using in all kinds of meals...on meat and in soups, which adds great flavor.

Forks over Knives - recipe book
Soak Your Nuts by Karyn Calabrase (don't you love the title?)

pumpkin seeds (not roasted or right from pumpkin unless you peel shell)
chopped almonds
sesame seeds (calcium)
frozen raspberries (or blueberry, or fruit of choice)
coconut - unsweetened
almond milk

F.R.O.G. Smoothie for Kids
Almond milk - vanilla sweetened
Fruit of your choice
Kale or Spinach
1/2 scoop "supper seed" - Fiber
1/4 scoop/tsp - "perfect food" (like the vegetable)
a little ice
May need to add more milk to get to right consistency
*to change color b/c it will be green, add blueberries or beet.  A beet will change the flavor but the make it a berry color.

F.R.O.G. Smoothie for Adults
same as above, but eventually changing to unsweetened almond milk
work up to scoop of fiber and 1/2 scoop of perfect food
use water
2TBSP milled flax seed

Now I don't care for the taste of this yet, but I need to tweak it until I can get to the adult smoothie.  I don't like the texture of flax seed, gritty and I needed mine to be sweeter:)


She recommended soup being my friend and having crackers on hand (Ryvita brand).

Also if I eat poorly to take enzyme supplement before or after meal.  So if I go to a then take supplement to help my body digest food.

Lots of information, but I am working on it.

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